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    AquaticLife 6 Lamp T5 HO & LED Light Fixture - 48 in.


    Item # 247299 / Manufacturer Part # 420192

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    Now $431.41
    The AquaticLife 48 in. 6 lamp T5 HO Fluorescent light fixture is a state of the art, high performance, light fixture for marine aquariums. Built in programmable digital lighting control operates three independant channels, for complete 24hr lighting. This lighting system features a combination of 10,000K, 420/460nm Actinic, 460/620nm Purple and blue LED lunar lights for outstanding growth and color in corals and invertebrates, as well as vibrant coloration of fishes. German-made individual lamp reflectors direct maximum light output down into your aquarium. Built-in fans help direct heat away from your aquarium. Built in electronic ballasts are top mounted, with quick disconnect system for easy maintenance or replacement. Adjustable width frame mounts securely holds fixture on virtually any type of aquarium, and a suspension bracket is also included with the system, which you can use to attach an optional suspension wire kit. The light has a single 2 meter power cord, for easy mounting or suspension. The AquaticLife 48 in. 6 lamp T5 HO light fixture has a total output of 328 watts.


    For complete product information, see the manufacturer's User Manual and Spec Sheet

    Bulbs included:

  • (4) 48 in. T5HO 54W 420/460nm Actinic/Blue Lamps
  • (1) 48 in. T5HO 54W 10,000K
  • (1) 48 in. T5HO 54W 460/620nm Purple Lamp
  • (4) 1W Blue Lunar LED 

    AquaticLife does not recommend this fixture be placed under a canopy or hood

  • Power Cord Length6.5 ft.
    Max Wattage328
    Requires Glass CanopyRecommended
    Type of BulbsT5 HO, LED
    Warranty1 year
    UL ListedNo
    Length48 in.
    Width13.9 in.
    Height3.6 in.
    Number of Bulbs10
    Includes BallastYes
    Includes BulbsYes
    Click here to download the instruction manual from AquaticLife's website.

    Average Rating

    tinner75 5/8/2014

    Reviewer: Carl

    I've had it for about 4 months now. the light is nice, but the bulbs that come with it are nice but there already starting to burn out. T5 bulbs are suppose to last around 18 months. cheap bulbs

    Great Light 4/22/2014

    Reviewer: Shad

    I have been running this fixture over my 75 gallon softie tank for the last 2 weeks and everything is super happy. The built in timer is great. No more appliance timers and power strips. I did replace all of the bulbs with ATI straight out of the box. I have no commits on the AquaticLife bulbs.

    tinner75 12/5/2013

    Reviewer: Carl

    it's a great light, but the legs are in the way. you have to lift the light up to feed your fish. the legs block the glass canopy. if you need to move corals around, you have to take the light off the tank to get into your tank. I called tec support they said to buy are hanging kit. don't buy this light unless your going to hang it.

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