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    7-Day Betta Feeder Blocks - 6 pk.

    Penn Plax

    Item # 212699 / Manufacturer Part # PBVN1

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    Don't hire a Betta-babysitter. You can feed your betta for up to 7 days with Pro Balance Betta Blocks. Each fun-shaped block releases tubifex worms, bloodworms, daphnia, and white shrimp-a regular smorgasbord for your betta fish. Will feed 1-3 fish.
    Package Size6 pk.
    Calcium sulfate, freeze-dried tublifex worms, freeze-dried bloodworms, freeze-dried daphnia, freeze-dried white shrimp, vitamin B1, vitamin B6.Crude protein (min) 2.20%, crude fat (min) 0.32%, crude fiber (max) 2.80%. moisture (max) 9%, calcium (min) 26% (max) 30%, salt (max) 1.6%.

    Average Rating

    Perfectly Safe 7/2/2013

    Reviewer: Josh

    Clearly Kate did not read the description where it states that this is a sustained release product. The betta cannot eat itself to death because the food is released from the block gradually.

    Don't do it! 7/23/2012

    Reviewer: Kate

    Bettas have been known to eat themselves to death. they can only eat about the amount as the size of their eye, and will keep eating until they are so bloated that they will seriously endanger their lives. Additionally, all the unconsumed waste will cause the parameters of your water, (nitrites, ammonia etc) to spike, which can cause death to your fish. You are actually better off NOT feeding them for a week!

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