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    Aponogeton crispus

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    Item # 208878 / Manufacturer Part # F66 0036 0121

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    Due to state restrictions, this plant cannot be shipped to Maine.

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    Aponogeton crispus is pinkish to green with wavy-edged leaves. It grows best in slightly acidic water and may flower frequently in good conditions.

    Aponogeton plants grow from a tuber or bulb. The amount and size of leaves on the bulb may vary at the time of purchase. They will eventually lose its foliage and retreat into dormancy as a reaction to seasonal changes like temperature or drought in the wild. In good conditions, the bulb should store enough energy to re-sprout after several weeks to begin the growth cycle again. A nutrient-rich substrate will help provide them with the nourishment they need to recover from their "hibernation". The bulb can be left in the substrate during this dormancy, or it can be removed and stored in a wet media like peat moss or sand until it begins to sprout again. If replanting a bulb, make sure that it is planting right-side-up as a bulb that is planted upside-down is not likely to recover.

    Most Aponogetons will grow very long, flowing leaves. Some may emerge from the water while most will float across the surface. Take care that any floating leaves do not shade plants underneath it that may need the light. Many Aponogetons have also been known to flower in home aquariums, producing an attractive (and fragrant) bloom.

    Visit That Fish Blog for more information from our marine biologists and aquatic staff on Planted Aquariums and other aquarium-related topics!

    Common NameCrispus
    Scientific NameAponogeton crispus
    OriginSri Lanka
    Plant pH5.5-7.5
    Growth RateFast
    Light IntensityModerate to High
    Water HardnessSoft to Moderate
    Temperature Range72-80
    FlowersEmerged: white spike

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