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    Blood Parrot - Medium

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    Though long thought to be a hybrid between two cichlid species, the fish known commonly as "Parrot Cichlids", "Blood Parrots", or "King Kong Parrots" are cultivated deformities of the cichlid Amphilophus citrinellus, commonly known as the Midas Cichlid. These fish have short, squat bodies and their mouths do not close completely. Parrots are bred to produce their unique body shape in much the same way goldfish are bred to produce the varieties like Oranda's and Ryukin's.

    Just as Parrots are selectively bred for their body shape, they can also be bred for color. The "normal" colors can range from white or yellow to orange (the true "Blood Parrots" to deep red (often referred to as "purple"). Some black mottling can also occur. Some variations in body shape can also produce Parrots with a "lumpier" body as seen in the "King Kong Parrots" or tail-less fish as in the "Heart Parrots".

    As cichlids, Parrots may become territorial when established though they are generally far less aggressive than the natural Midas Cichlid. Their body shape makes them less mobile and aggressive and the Parrots should not be kept with very aggressive tankmates or with very small or docile tankmates and may prey on some invertebrates like shrimp. Suitable tankmates would be fish with a similar temperament like Geophagus, Severums, catfish and similar fish. They can be fed a varied diet of pellets and frozen foods and formulas.
    Common NameBlood Parrot - Medium
    Scientific NameAmphilophus citrinellus var.
    OriginAquacultured (native to Central America)
    Max Size (in inches)8
    Community SafeNo
    pH Range6.5-7.5
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)75
    Temperature Range76-82
    DifficultyEasy to Moderate

    Average Rating

    what wrong help 6/18/2014

    Reviewer: susan

    my 36 gal. bow front with my red parrot in it wont stay clear I do water changes and took the water to have it checked. I check it myself and still water is not clear. if I take everything out and clean it then its clear a week or two. then back to milky water again. please help me!

    smart Cool fish! 12/21/2012

    Reviewer: Gianni

    Cool fish, I have 4 of them... nice bright coloration... they are very smart and active fish...

    smart Cool fish! 12/17/2012

    Reviewer: gianni

    first of all the reason they have a high price is beacause they are a hybrid so don't think it is a rip off... most males aren't fertile... they are cool fish, I bought a small one for 10 dollars, they have better coloration than the small ones at petsmart and only cost a dollar more... I have 4 and 1 of the 4 is from that fish place and it is a cool fish... very intericative, curious, and they eat like pigs... they are very smart, once i fed too many pellets and they were sucked by the filter but they were on the caged filter tube and they were too big to get sucked in so one of my blood parrots was smart enlouf to pick the pellets off and eat them(my other blood parots helped eat them all)... very cool, courful, and curious fish...

    Description is wrong 11/6/2012

    Reviewer: Bob

    Blood parrots ARE in fact, midas/red devil and vieja synspilum hybrids. Several aquarists have proved it true by creating there own blood parots from pure species.

    love them! 7/18/2012

    Reviewer: james

    Blood parots are a fun fish to have. My old one used to eat out of my hand, they are very cerous and freindly. They will sit and watch you as you move around the room. Some have said they are the good ole dogs of the fish community.

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