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    About Our Retail Store

    Q: What are the retail store hours at That Fish Place - That Pet Place?

    Labor Day Hours: 8:30am - 5pm

    Visit us Monday-Saturday from 8:30am - 9pm and Sunday from 10am - 6pm.

    Q:  Can I bring my pet to That Fish Place - That Pet Place?

    Absolutely! We love to see pets of all kinds, and they love to "shop" for their own treats and toys. Please be sure to have your pet leashed and under control during their visit. You are responsible for the actions of your pet for the duration of your time at That Fish Place.

    We respectfully ask that all pets are fully vaccinated before visiting our store for the protection of all our customers' and employees' pets against communicable diseases like Parvovirus.

    Q: Are there kittens and puppies for sale at That Pet Place?

    That Pet Place does not offer cats and dogs for sale, but we do host The Pet Pantry and work with a variety of other local pet rescues to offer adoptable pets on site. 

    Q: Do you carry the same merchandise online and in your retail store?

    The retail store and web store selections are very simliar with a few exceptions. Large glass and acrylic aquariums are only available in the retail store due to shipping difficulties. Drop-shipped items may only be available online. In addition, our web store inventory reflects the inventory in our warehouse, not our retail store. If you would like to inquire about the availability of a product in the retail store, please call 888-842-8738.

    Q: Can I purchase something on the website, and pick it up in the retail store?

    Unfortunately, at this time That Pet Place does not offer in-store pick-up.

    Q: What size glass tanks, stands and canopies are available in your retail store, and how much do they cost? 

    Check out a complete list of our retail store aquarium, stand and canopy inventory, and prices here - Retail Store Tank List. Prices are subject to change - please call 717-299-5691 for the most update-to-date pricing and availability.

    Q: How long will fish last in the bags from the fishroom?

    If you plan on purchasing livestock and you won't be going home right away or you have a long trip, please let the fishroom associate helping you know how long the fish will be in transit. We double-bag fish with an oxygen mixture so the aquatic animals you purchase may remain in the bags safely for several hours until you can get them into your tank. Associates can also pack the bags in cardboard or styrofoam to keep the animals more stable and secure for transport if necessary. Please be cautious about where the bags are placed in your vehicle; avoid direct sun or direct cold air as this can quickly alter the internal temperature of the bags.

    Q: What should I do if a fish I purchase in the retail store dies?

    Most of the fish and livestock in the fishroom are covered by our limited 14-day guarantee. If you should incur a loss, simply bring us an aquarium water sample (at least 8 oz.), the dead specimen (not in your water sample), and your receipt. If you won't be able to make it back to us within the guarantee period, please contact someone in the fishroom at (717)-299-5691 opt.7, or email us at fish@thatpetplace.com about the loss.

    Please read the full Fish Guarantee Policy for more details.


    Q: What is the Pirate's Cove Touch Tank?

    The Pirate’s Cove Touch Tank is probably the most popular display at That Fish Place - That Pet Place. Gently touch stingrays as they effortlessly glide by, hold starfish in the palm of your hand and observe other species in the pool as they pick through the sand and explore the broken galleon run aground in the center of the cove. The unique fish-shaped touch tank is a one of a kind, hands-on experience for the whole family, located between the fish room and the information desk in our retail store. Pirate’s Cove is tons of fun for the whole family and it provides us with a venue to properly educate visitors about the amazing creatures it houses. Free feeding shows and question/answer sessions are held each weekend.

    Q: What types of animals will I find in the Reptile Room?

    We offer a wide variety of reptiles, amphibians, and arachnids in our state-of-the-art Reptile Room. Carefully furnished habitats provide ideal living quarters for all our inhabitants until you pick them out and take them home with you. Choose from snakes, lizards, tortoises, turtles, toads, frogs, newts, chameleons, geckos, tarantulas, scorpions and much more!

    Our experienced reptile staff is happy to address all your questions and concerns before and after you purchase a new pet. We have detailed care sheets available for every variety of reptile or amphibian that we sell, and we stock all the supplies you need to keep your pets happy and healthy. You must be at least 18 years of age or be accompanied by a parent or guardian to purchase animals from our reptile room.

    Q: What pets are available in the small animal corner?

    Your favorite furry friends can be found in the open area in front of our reptile room. We carry farm-raised ferrets, chinchillas and rabbits ready to be your new pet. We also have a variety of fancy rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, and guinea pigs available to choose from every day. Our small pet specialists are here to help you make the choice that is just right for you and send you home with all you need for your special fuzzy little friend.

    Q: Can I purchase live birds from the aviary?

    A variety of lovely parakeets, finches, and other small birds are available for purchase in our screened aviary. Our birds have all been quarantined to ensure that they are healthy and disease free before being displayed for sale. Aviary staff will help you get to know your bird before you take it home. Our bird experts can help you find the perfect feathered friend and help you find everything it will need in it's new home. We stock the best brand name foods, toys, and supplements for every species.

    We typically have common pet birds like canaries, parakeets, and cockatiels, but more exotic small birds like lovebirds and conures may also be available from time to time. We do not carry larger parrots.

    Q: Does That Fish Place - That Pet Place have Pennsylvania Dog Licenses available for sale?

    Annual dog licenses are available at the registers at our Lancaster, PA retail location.  Please note, they are only for Lancaster County, PA

    If you're interested in learning more about the importance of licensing your dog, or would like to review this year's charges for dog licenses please see this page

    If you would like to download a license application to fill out before you arrive at the store, please click here. Please fill out one (1) form per dog license you are purchasing.

    Q: I purchased a gift card in the retail store. My gift card has 3 numbers on it. Which one do I have to enter on your website?

    The gift cards can be a little confusing! When entering a gift card during the checkout, you want to enter the 9-digit code in the upper right-hand corner, on the back of the gift card. This has to do with gift cards only and not with online gift certificates.

    Q: Do you give store tours for large groups?

    Yes! Our retail store is a great destination for scout groups, pet clubs,classrooms and pretty much anyone. We'd love to meet you! Please give the store a call to set up a tour.

    Q: Does That Fish Place - That Pet Place have any job openings?

    That Fish Place - That Pet Place periodically has job opening for our Lancaster, PA retail store and warehouse. Click here for a current listing of available positions.

    If you are interested in joining the That Fish Place - That Pet Place team, please return your completed application and resume (if applicable) to our Lancaster, PA retail store or mail it to ATTN: Human Resources, 237 Centerville Rd, Lancaster PA 17603.