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    Swiss Guard Basslet - Liopropoma rubre - Small

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    The Swiss Guard Basslet (Liopropoma rubre, also known as the Peppermint Bass) is an uncommon basslet species that is collected from deeper Atlantic reef areas. They have alternating maroon, pink, and yellowish horizontal stripes from the snout to the tail. The tail, dorsal and anal fins are tipped in black and white.

    Most Liopropoma basses are found on deep reefs, although some can be found in shallower waters as well. As is common with lower light or deeper water fish, most are some variation of red, yellow, and/or orange. Though the maximum sizes vary with species, the behavior remains consistent, relative to their size. These basses are territorial and will remain close to their "home" rock, cave or ledge, venturing out for food and defense. They are safe with most fish and invertebrates that are too large to be eaten (small ornaments crustaceans are generally not safe), and they do not bother hard or soft corals.

    Liopropoma basses need a varied meaty diet. Some may accept prepared foods like flakes, pellets and frozen formulas, but they should be given frozen and fresh foods as well like brine shrimp, scallop, clam, mysis and similar items. In an established aquarium with plenty of live rock and a healthy microinvertebrate population, they will often graze on copepods, amphipods and similar inverts. They may not eat if intimidated or stressed by larger tankmates or by another Liopropoma in the tank.
    Common NameSwiss Guard Basslet - Small
    Scientific NameLiopropoma rubre
    Reef SafeYes
    Invert SafeYes
    Community SafeYes
    Max Size (in inches)4
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
    Specific Gravity Range1.020-1.024
    pH Range8.0-8.4
    Temperature Range75-82

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