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    South American Leaf Fish - Monocirrhus polyacanthus

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    The South American Leaf Fish (Monocirrhus polyacanthus) is an excellent example of camouflage by mimicry. The flattened body, mottled coloration, and slow movements of this fish make it look like a leaf floating in the water. When a prey item like a small fish or invertebrate swims by, the Leaf Fish lunges and sucks in its meal.

    The Leaf Fish should not be kept with small fish like tetras, livebearers, rasboras or similar fish as these will most likely be eaten. They can usually be kept with larger peaceful fish or in a tank by themselves to spotlight their unusual behavior and appearance.

    Live foods like small feeder guppies, ghost shrimp or brine shrimp may be needed at first to trigger a feeding response but some Leaf Fish may be weaned onto frozen foods in time. They will not usually accept flakes or pellets. Planted aquariums or aquariums with lots of artificial foliage are best to help this fish act most natural.
    Common NameSouth American Leaf Fish
    Scientific NameMonocirrhus polyacanthus
    OriginSouth America
    Max Size (in inches)3.25
    Community SafeNo
    pH Range5.0-6.0
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
    Temperature Range72-77

    Average Rating

    South american leaf fish 8/14/2014

    Reviewer: PL91

    These fish are great at hunting small fish. I love watching them snipe the feeder fish or any moving small fish. overall great fish.

    Leaf Fish 6/20/2013

    Reviewer: Bill Buda

    Excellent Specimun. one the best I have seen in 40 years.

    south american leaf fish 5/13/2012

    Reviewer: J.D. Greenwood

    I think this fish is amazing,it is a wonderful fish. They have a mouth that extends from their body, and they are cheap. Easy to keep fish overall.

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