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    Green Brittle Starfish - Ophiarachna incrassata

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    Ophiarachna incrassata is commonly available as both Green Brittle Starfish and Yellow Brittle Starfish, a less common color variant. They are voracious scavengers and are one of the more predatory serpent starfish; they should not be kept with small gobies, blennies, shrimp and similar fish and inverts. These may easily be kept in numbers as long as extra food is supplied.

    Starfish in general are very sensitive to changes in water quality and conditions. If temperature, salinity or other water parameters change quickly, starfish cannot regulate the change and are often damaged or killed. Be sure to acclimate carefully and while doing water changes, make sure the "new" water is as close as possible to the "old" water in its parameters.

    Most brittle and serpent starfish are scavengers. Some may prey on snails and invertebrates while others eat detritus, leftover food, and tiny organisms in and on the substrate and rockwork. These starfish do not have the suction cup-like tubed feet common in other starfish. Their legs are instead often covered with small spines or hardened scaly plates. The names "brittle starfish" and "serpent starfish" are often used interchangeably, but "serpent starfish" usually refers to smoother-legged "brittle starfish". These starfish will usually hide in rockwork or caves and come out only to feed. Some may prey on live inverts or small fish if underfed, and they may also prey on sick, dead or dying fish. Brittle and Serpent starfish can be fed by placing a piece of clam, shrimp, scallop or other small, meaty foods by their mouth.

    Like many other starfish, Brittle Starfish and Serpent Starfish will sometimes break a leg off if stressed or harassed. This is seen even more in these types of starfish than in many of the thicker-bodied starfish (hence the name "brittle" starfish). As long as the starfish is otherwise healthy, these legs can regenerate and the starfish can continue to grow and thrive. These starfish often may have asymmetrical legs where they have broken off and begun to grow back.

    Common NameGreen Brittle Starfish
    Scientific NameOphiarachna incrassata
    Reef SafeYes
    Invert SafeYes, with caution
    Community SafeYes, with caution
    Max Size (in inches)central disk 2 , overall 20
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)100
    DietCarnivore, Scavenger
    Specific Gravity Range1.022-1.026
    pH Range8.0-8.4
    Temperature Range75-82

    Average Rating

    AMAZING 7/18/2012

    Reviewer: Madi

    This is pretty much my favorite of all saltwater inverts, they love to wrap around my fingers, and can be trained just to take food right out of your hand by their legs, overall I would recommend this to anyone with a saltwater tank. P.S. Because I feed him every 3rd day he is not aggressive AT ALL.

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