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    Sumo Loach - Schistura balteata

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    The Sumo Loach is a new aquarium species coming from the streams and brooks of Myanmar. They have smooth, elongated bodies that will usually be lighting in the front and darker in the rear, separated by several dark bars. This coloration can change and vary, though it is unclear if these changes are due to regional differences, temperament, sexual dimorphism or water conditions.

    The ideal environment for the Sumo Loach is one with high water flow to replicate their natural environment and lots of places to retreat to if threatened. Sumo Loaches make good tankmates for fish like tetras, danios, barbs and rasboras but may become nippy towards other Sumo Loaches. In a large tank, several of these loaches can usually be kept together if their visual territories are divided with plenty of rockwork and decorations.

    These loaches will usually accept most any type of food offered. Sinking flake and pellet foods can be used as a staple and supplemented with frozen or live foods like bloodworms and blackworms.
    Common NameSumo Loach
    Scientific NameSchistura balteata
    Max Size (in inches)4
    Community SafeYes
    pH Range6.5-7.5
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
    Temperature Range72-80

    Average Rating

    A great fish 3/3/2014

    Reviewer: Fish man Dan

    I had 6 of these guy in my work tank. They quickly became the office favorites with their racing around the tank at feeding time and perching on the rocks and wood at other times. No aggression towards other fish and within the group minor squabbles never resulted in any damage. Unfortunately I lost 5 of them in a mysterious partial tank crash that also killed all types of algae including Black Hair!! I'm looking to replace them now since everyone misses them and the one remaining just hides now that his buddies are gone. I recommend a group of at least five.