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    Advantage UV Hang-On UV Sterilizers

    Aqua Ultraviolet

    Starting at: $121.80

    Deliver the sterilization powers of UV lighting to your aquarium easily with this UV Hang-on Unit. This handy device hangs directly on your sump or aquarium to deliver intense, bacteria and algae-destroying light wherever you need it. Takes up less room then traditional in-line systems.

    Click here for tank and pond UV size recommendations and kill rates direct from the manufacturer (PDF viewer required).

    Average Rating

    Be warned 9/6/2013

    Reviewer: RG

    Just received this unit, and all looks very nice, and of excellent quality. With that said, I started to set it up, but it won't hang on my standard 120 gallon tank with a rim. Nowhere in the information online did I read that this unit needs to be used on a rimless tank, or one with a very narrow rim only. Wish I would have gotten the in-line unit. To be fair to the company, the unit looks like it is of very high quality, and the directions are concise and easy to follow. I'm only giving it 2 1/2 stars for the inconvenience and additional purchases that will have to be made for it to be functional on my tank.

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