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    API Ammo-Chips - 48 oz.


    Item # 199629 / Manufacturer Part # 79C

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    Ammo-Chips are an ammonia removing resin for freshwater aquariums that continuously remove ammonia from new or established aquariums. Place your Ammo Chips in a filter cartridge or filter bag within your filter and replace or recharge when you start to detect new ammonia levels.
    Package Size48 oz.

    Use 1/4 cup (4 tbsp.) for each 10 U.S. gallons.

    Rinse thoroughly under cool tap water to remove loose dust. Replace or recharge every 5 days or sooner with a heavily stocked aquarium or when ammonia is detected.
    Ammonia removing resin.

    Average Rating

    Ammo Chips 7/29/2013

    Reviewer: Kelly Rogers

    We find this is a regular part of our tank maintenance. We have 24 tanks ranging from 40 gal to 220 gal and use Ammo Chips as part of our media/filtration set up. This helps keep the ammonia levels low and our fish happy.

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