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    API Phos-Zorb 20 - 1pk


    Item # 264761 / Manufacturer Part # 780H

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    API Phos-Zorb Cartridges provide mechanical and chemical filtration for your SUPERCLEAN 5-20 power filter. The mechanical filter pad helps remove waste and debris. The cartridge is filled with Phos-Zorb, a mixed resin media that helps absorb and remove phosphate and silicate from your aquarium water. Phopshate and silicate contribute to cloudy water and algae growth and removing them will help keep your water clean and clear.
    Rinse pouch under tap water for several minutes to remove dust and activate the PHOS-ZORB.  The activation process will temporarily generate some heat.  Place pouch in path of water flow in the aquarium filter.  Replace pouch every 2 months or when testing indicates the presence of phosphate or silicate. 

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