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    API Superclean Power Filter 30


    Item # 264756 / Manufacturer Part # 781A

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    API SUPERCLEAN filters remove waste and debris while keeping your water crystal clear. Filter comes with Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridge. Providing mechanical filtration by removing waste, the cartridge is also packed with Bio-Chem Zorb, a carbon-resin mix that removes dissolved organics and keeps your water free of odor and discoloration. Stronger than standard carbon, Bio-Chem Zorb removes more from your water and can last up to six times as long as carbon found in other cartridges. SUPERCLEAN filters also come with ceramic rings to provide a large surface area for the growth of beneficial biological bacteria. Rings are suspended on a unique caddy system that ensures optimal contact time with water and dissolved oxygen. Also included are the following convenient features:
    • Adjustable dual intake tube draws water in from two zones, one just under the water level and one at a lower depth, to provide increased water circulation and eliminate "dead spots". Intake tube is adjustable to varying depths.
    • Water flow adjustment knob allows you to regulate water flow rate, great for use during feeding times or for fish that need lower turbulence.
    • Handy cartridge replacement indicator dial lets you know when to change the filter cartridge.

    Filter pump has a flow rate of 130 gph and is good for tanks up to 30 gallons. Pump is enclosed in molded plastic filter base to prevent leaks. Comes with a two year warranty.

    In addition to replacement Crystal Bio-Chem Zorb cartridges, compatible Phos-Zorb cartridges to remove phosphate and silicate and Nitra-Zorb cartridges to remove ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are available and sold separately.

    For complete product information download the instruction manual.

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