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    Aqua Duo Power Filters


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    Elive's Aqua Duo Power Filter offers a new and exclusive way to keep your aquarium clean and clear. The patent pending design allows you to choose between the traditional filter cartridge based and Aquaponics style filtration. Whatever your choice, you can enjoy crystal clear water and a healthy ecosystem for your tank inhabitants.

    The Aqua Duo comes with a filter cartridge that allows you to use the traditional method of filtering. Poly filter fiber on the outside of the cartridge removes fish waste and debris, while carbon on the inside helps remove dissolved organics, odor and discoloration. Simply replace the cartridge every 2-4 weeks as needed.

    The Aquaponics method of filtration relies on biological filtration and the absorption capacity of a live plant (sold separately). As fish waste deteriorates, it breaks down into a nutrient rich food source that is absorbed by plants and ideal for their growth. The plant then acts as both your mechanical and chemical filtration and can help reduce algae.

    Aqua Duo filters come included with Hydrocorn biological filter media, made of kiln-fired clay pellets. In traditional filter cartridge operation, the highly pourous media serves as a large surface area for the growth of the beneficial biological bacterial that quickly helps break down waste and eliminate harmful ammonia and nitrite. In the Aquaponics operation, the Hydrocorn serves as a plant substrate media that encourages the growth and stability of your live plant's rooting system, while still providing surface area for beneficial biological bacteria.

    The filter uses Elive Replacement Filter Cartridges.

    For more information on mechanical, chemical and biological filtration, please read our article on Aquarium Filter Maintenance.

    Average Rating

    Great filter! 4/19/2014

    Reviewer: Kristin

    I just purchased this filter yesterday, and it is perfect! I love how you can adjust the waterfall and the intake! The filter is so quiet too, I can't even hear it!

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