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    Aqua Lifter AQ-20 Dosing Pump

    Koller Craft

    Item # 215699 / Manufacturer Part # 1137

    Was $14.99
    Now $14.99
    This unique one-of-a-kind dosing pump is designed to pump water up to 30" high and at a flow rate of 3-1/2gals per hour. Ideal as a dosing pump for reef additives, drip systems for reptiles terrariums and as a circultating pump for gravity fed siphons. ETL (UL) listed. Convenient Holder, (sold separately), secures the Aqua Lifter to the tank frame allowing for the tubing to be held in place.

    The Aqualifter pump is also excellent for starting, and maintaining, syphon in hang on the back style overflow boxes.

    Warranty1 year

    Average Rating

    ...it works. 2/18/2015

    Reviewer: Charles

    I use this to keep air from accumulating in the siphon tube on my overflow box. It works like I expected it to. I've only had it hooked up for less than a month, but thus far, I would recommend it.

    Necessary Evil 6/22/2013

    Reviewer: DaveG

    The reason these are so moderately priced is that you need to buy them by the dozen. I have no less than 7 of these sitting in the junk heap. They are quiet and work great until they stop working, which is no more than a few months. (Of course, you know that they have stopped working because you lose siphon on your overflow [I have a CPR type with square corners] and your tank empties on the floor.) The owner of my local aquarium store says that everyone knows they are junk but that there aren't many alternatives. So, I have taken to just replacing it every two months or so.

    Aqua Lifter 2/28/2013

    Reviewer: Vince S

    Very well built and very quiet when in use. I use it for my overflow tube, can't beat it. Best part, the price is uncomonally reasonable.

    piece of mind 9/25/2012

    Reviewer: RogerWilco357

    well I have one tank my QT tank and it has not been drilled so use the overflows that hang on the tank and these keep them from going dry which used to happen to me alot not anymore love them and for the price you can't go wrong.also nice for top offs

    Love it for the piece of mind 9/25/2012

    Reviewer: RogerWilco357

    for the price you cannot go wrong and they work as described ..love em

    Super dosing pump for the money 9/22/2012

    Reviewer: Matt Pfizer

    This pump is a work horse. It will pump water up to 30" high at a flow rate of 3.5gals per hour. I have mine set up to dose my aquarium with trace elements, sure makes taking care of my aquarium a whole lot easier.

    A pretty good dosing pump, plus... 8/25/2012

    Reviewer: Mike D.

    Not only will this unit dose calcium, alk. / magnesium, trace elements and such but its also able to keep overflow tubes free of bubbles collecting at the top of the bend. For the price its a gem. I recommend it to fill the need for dosing and someday then invest in a more expensive type.

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