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    Freshwater Substrate - Natural White Sand - 5 lb.

    Nature's Ocean

    Item # 242917 / Manufacturer Part # 80065

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    Premium sand adds a beautiful touch to your aquarium or fish tank. Designed specifically for use in freshwater aquariums, sand will not affect water chemistry in any way, and provides a great place for beneficial bacteria to colonize. Whether you're looking for a bright substrate or something for your natural tank, Nature's Ocean has exactly what your tank requires.

    Product may resemble small gravel.

    Gravel and substrate color may differ or vary due to your computer monitor's resolution.
    Package Size5 lb.
    Grain Size0.1-0.5mm

    Average Rating

    Freshwater Sand Substrate 9/2/2013

    Reviewer: Celticreds

    First off, I love how it looks and the price is great. But it is very fine and get suked into the cleaning tube everytime I clean the tank. And it has gotten into the filter which is causing the impellar to act up noisily. I had to remove my sponge filter because it just kept becoming saturated iwith the fine grains n a short amount of time. My plants, which were doing phenominal in gravel, are so so in the sand and their roots become exposed easily. At this point I am not sure if I am going to put the gravel back or mix them, but by itself, I am not happy with sand except for the athestics.

    Good Stuff 4/10/2013

    Reviewer: Will

    Love this sand. i didn't even rinse it, just put it straight in the tank. it took a few days to really settle in, but that is okay as i was fishless cycling and had nothing to look at. Now after over a year with this sand, it grows plants wonderfully.

    Didn't like it. 2/18/2013

    Reviewer: Lynda

    The sand is very fine, like silt.. Rinsed it several times and still clouded up the tank and found lots of it in the bottom of my filter. Is not truly white. I added to my already white fine grain sand and the color difference was notable.

    helps make the tank beauiful. 5/2/2012

    Reviewer: Derek

    I replaced my gravel with this sand to give my fish something softer to hover above. my corydoras,crawdad and driftwood cat love it. easier to clean the water as well.

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