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Aquarium Lighting Charts

Aquarium lighting has many purposes, from basic illumination, to color enhancing, to providing energy for photosynthesis. Whether you keep a freshwater planted tank or a saltwater reef tank, aquarium lighting plays an essential part in keeping your aquarium habitat healthy. We can help you find a lighting fixture to fit your needs!


Choosing Aquarium Lighting For Your Tank:

What kind of lighting should I use? Well, there are a wide variety of lighting products available along with many variables that should be taken into consideration, such as tank size, type and its inhabitants. Take a look at our handy aquarium lighting charts to find the perfect setup for your tank, start by choosing your tank type from the options on the right!




Freshwater - Fish Only Tank
Lighting Chart >>
Freshwater Planted Tank
Lighting Chart >>
Saltwater - Fish Only Tank
Lighting Chart >>
Saltwater Reef Tank
Lighting Chart >>

Additional Lighting Resources: