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    Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Light System - 24 to 36 in.


    Item # 259521 / Manufacturer Part # NV33007

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    The Marineland Aquatic Plant LED Light, is specifically designed to provide beautiful shimmering light, that benefits live aquarium Plants. These low profile, energy efficient, high output, LED light systems provide comparable light output to HO T5 fluorescent fixtures, without the energy consumption or heat output.

    The 24-36 in. Aquatic Plant LED light system utilizes a combination of (23) 1 watt 6500K white, and (4) 3 watt RGB LEDs. The RGB LED technology utilizes the perfect amounts of 660nm red, 460nm blue and green accent light, to enhance the total light spectrum of the fixture for optimal health, color and growth of live aquarium plants. White LEDs include polycarbonate focusing lenses, and RGB LEDs have special dispersion polycarbonate lenses to provide better color mixing.

    The built in digital timer system, allows for complete 24 hr control of the fixture, including a moonlight feature that utilizes the blue component in the RGB LEDs for beautiful night time viewing. Expandable tank frame mounts support fixture in place on aquarium 24-36 in. wide. Energy efficient LED bulbs, last up to 50,000 hrs, and never need replacement.

    Power Cord Length11.25 ft.
    Max Wattage35
    Requires Glass CanopyRecommended
    Type of BulbsLED
    Warranty1 year
    UL ListedNo
    Length24 - 36 in.
    Width5.25 in.
    Height1.5 in.
    Number of Bulbs27
    Includes BallastYes
    Includes BulbsYes

    Average Rating

    Oh the Technology! 3/16/2014

    Reviewer: Larry

    It's been ten years since I set up a planted tank. I was imoreseed with how easy this light was to set up. It doesn't get as hot as other types of lighting. Changing the program of the different light spectrums to meet my needs was easy. Most importantly the plants have been doing great!

    Good Light 1/18/2014

    Reviewer: Terry

    Love the light with the effects and plant growth stimulation. The timer is great as well and simple to set-up. If you are looking for an effective, simple, and low profile light where most of the light goes into the tank and not lighting up the whole room, this is the light for you.

    I love It!!! 12/2/2013

    Reviewer: Debbie

    Totally changed the way my tank looks. Colors really pop. Low profile looks nice.

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