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    Aquarium Sealant - 2.8 oz.


    Item # 211988 / Manufacturer Part # 31003

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    Aquarium sealant repairs leaky aquariums, builds small aquariums and repairs broken ornaments. Aquarium sealant stays flexible, will not crack or shrink, is waterproof and harmless to freshwater and saltwater. Sealant releases acetic acid (vinegar-like odor) during cure. 100% clear silicone rubber. New sealant will not adhere well to old sealant. Sealant will bond in 24 hours. Allow 48 hours before filling aquarium, optimum strength is achieved in 7 days.

    Caution: on contact, uncured sealant causes irritation. Remove from skin with a dry cloth or paper towel.
    Package Size3 oz.
    Adheres to: Glass, ceramic, porcelain, non-oily wood, metal, painted surfaces, canvas, fiberglass, some plastics and rubbers.

    Instructions for use:

    1. Remove old sealant with a single edge razor blade.
    2. Empty and clean the tank with isopropyl alcohol. Dry surfaces.
    3. Puncture end of nozzle at 45 deg. angle. Apply sealant at a 45 deg. angle evenly to both surfaces.
    4. Spread sealant immediately. Remove excess with dry paper towel.
    5. Do not disturb peices for 24 hours. Do not fill with water for 48 hrs.
    6. Excess can be trimmed after 24 hours.
    100% clear silicone rubber.

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