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    Aquarium Decorations at the lowest prices online. Setup your Aquarium Décor with ornaments, plants and others. View more information >>

    Aquarium Decorations Categories

    Driven Aquarium Ornaments

    Aquarium Ornaments that move – when paired with an aquarium air pump. These made for a great add to kids' aquariums especially!

    Arches and Bridges Aquarium Ornaments

    Setup your tank's terrarium with an arch or a bridge ornament. These beautiful aquarium décor accents make great places for fish to hide - and great centerpieces for your layout.

    Artificial Driftwood and Rocks Ornaments

    Real driftwood degrades over time. These artificial driftwood and rock ornaments look great after years of being submerged.

    Buildings and Ruins Ornaments

    Intricate buildings and ruin aquarium ornaments let you set up a realistic scene on the bottom of your tank.

    Character and Cartoon Ornaments for Kids

    Our Kids ornaments section! Look here for the latest aquarium ornaments from your favorite cartoons and animated series.

    Coral and Anemones Ornaments

    Recreate a beautiful reef environment on the bottom of your tank – without the upkeep of live corals – with coral and anemone ornaments.

    Caves and Hideouts Ornaments

    Caves and Hideout Ornaments can actually help your fish feel more secure and less stressed by providing them a way to get out of the tank's spotlight.

    Natural Driftwood

    Natural Driftwood looks amazing in any aquarium. This category contains these unique pieces of Nature.

    Plastic Plants for Aquariums

    No one beats That Fish Place – That Pet Place's selection of plastic plants. Choose the correct type and size for your tank – in any variety.

    Ships and Shipwreck Ornaments for Aquariums

    Ships and Shipwreck ornaments make the ultimate focal point for any aquarium.

    Silk Plants for Aquariums

    Silk plants look amazing in the flow of your tank. Check out this category for these great décor add-ons.

    Skulls and Bones Ornaments

    Pirate-themed aquarium decorations perfect for any tank.

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    Aquarium Backgrounds

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