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    Aquarium Filters

    Choose from the widest, lowest priced selections of aquarium filters online. Not sure how to purchase a fish tank filter? View more information >>

    How to Buy Aquarium Filters – Common Questions and What to Look For?

    Fish Tank Size in Gallons

    Knowing your tank’s size in gallons is the first place to start. Most aquarium filter manufacturers rate consistently around this. We would recommend buying a filter rated slightly higher than then the size for your tank, especially if you’re interested in keeping a really large amount of fish.

    Types of Aquarium Filters – What Makes Them Different?

    Click below for detailed articles on each aquarium filter type That Fish Place – That Pet Place offers:

    Biological, Mechanical and Chemical Filtration - What your Aquarium Filter Does

    These are the three basic types of filtration possible and most aquarium filters offer these. Out of the 3, the capacity of biological filtration is the most important factor to consider. Biological filtration will do much of the heavy lifting for your aquarium’s filtration. Read more about biological filtration Aquarium Filter Maintenance here.

    Aquarium Filter Flow Rate – How Much do I Need?

    Generally – you’ll want to turn over your fish aquarium at least 3 to 5 times an hour. This means that an aquarium filter for a 10 gallon fish tank should have a flow rate of at least 30 gallons per hour (gph).

    What are the best brands of aquarium filters

    We get this question a lot – which is the best brand of aquarium filter? Obviously, this is a matter of preference for each aquarist and fish keeper, but we did poll our customers to determine a list of their favorites. Check out the results – Best Aquarium Filters

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