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    Fish Food

    Buy Fish Food – over 500 varieties – for all tropical fish and other aquarium fish and invertebrates. Need help with fish food?View more information >>

    Buy Fish Food – What Do You Need to Know?

    Fish Food Types

    Fish food comes in a variety of types and, depending on the type of fish in your tank, you’ll need to feed a variety. Below is a list of That Fish Place – That Pet Place’s Fish Food categories along with a brief description of each to assist you.

    Betta Fish Food

    Contains fish food specifically formulated for betta fish.

    Aquarium Block and Vacation Food

    Contains fish food feeder blocks and other slow-release options for aquarium fish feeding when you're away.

    Bottom Feeder Fish Food

    Fish like catfish and loaches love a bottom-feeder food designed especially for them. These foods generally sink quickly and remain intact longer than other types so bottom feeders can find and eat it.

    Brine Shrimp Eggs and Hatcheries

    Equipment for growing live brine shrimp to feed your aquarium fish.

    Cichlid Food

    Fish Food specifically formulated for South American and African Cichlid fish.

    Coral and Invertebrate Food

    Liquid Food supplements designed specifically for filter-feeding corals and invertebrates.

    Freeze Dried Fish Food

    Common varieties include free dried blood worms, freeze dried brine shrimp and freeze dried shrimp. Freeze dried foods can be served as a supplement for most fish.

    Freshwater Community Fish Food

    These foods are formulated to fit the dietary requirements of a wide variety of freshwater community fish. Many staple fish foods fall into this category.

    Frozen Fish Food

    Frozen fish food is packed with nutrients and provides an excellent diet for most aquarium fish. Frozen food is bought and shipped differently than other fish foods at That Fish Place – That Pet Place. Please see our FAQ for complete ordering information.

    Fry Food

    Newborn and young fish require special diets sized for them. The Fry food category contains these foods.

    Goldfish Food

    Fish Food specifically formulated to fit the unique dietary requirements of common and fancy goldfish.

    Herbivore Food

    Fish who eat primarily algae and other plant matter are herbivores – and their dietary requirements are different than their carnivorous cousins. This category caters to herbivore fish.

    Large Predator Fish Food

    Large Predator fish like Arowanas require big food. This category contains fish foods specifically designed for large mouths and appetites.

    Saltwater Community Food

    Staple food for the normal community saltwater fish tank.

    Shrimp and Crab Food

    Food especially formatted for the shrimp and crabs in your aquarium.

    Vitamin Supplements and Appetite Enhancers

    Vitamin Supplements and appetite enhancers to encourage finicky fish to eat. Many work as soaks to add fish food too before feeding.

    Related Fish Food Categories

    Automatic Fish Feeders

    Fish Feeding Clips

    Fish Feeding Tongs

    If you have any additional questions about which fish food to buy for your tank, please call 1-888-THAT-PET or consult That Fish Blog.

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