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    AquaSafe Plus Water Conditioner - 8.45 oz.


    Item # 205740 / Manufacturer Part # 16268

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    AquaSafe Plus® makes tap water safe for fish by eliminating chlorine and heavy metals present in municipal water supplies. AquaSafe Plus® also neutralizes chloramine by breaking down the bond between chlorine and ammonia while reducing both fish-toxic chlorine and ammonia components. In addition, AquaSafe Plus® provides slime coating to help wounds heal and protect fish from abrasions.

    Treats 500 Gallons.
    Package Size8.45 oz.
    Treats up to500 gal.
    Directions: AquaSafe should be used when setting up a new aquarium and with every partial water change or evaporation replacement. Shake well before using. Add one teaspoon (5 ml) for every 10 gallons (38 L) of water. Each raised mark on side of bottle equals 10 ml. Make sure that replacement water is the same temperature as water in the aquarium.
    Principle Ingredients: sodium hydroxymethane sulfinate, chelating compounds, polyvinylpyrollidones, seaweed biopolymers, organic hydrocolloids.

    Average Rating

    Holycow what a Great price 11/7/2013

    Reviewer: Clint

    I've been using this product for my freshwater fish for 10yrs and love it, does just has it says. And you can't beat this price anywhere.. You can buy 3 for the price of 1 in local stores in NJ. Thanks for sell it at an AMAZING Price..

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