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    Aqueon Mini Heater - 10W - Up to 5 gal.


    Item # 256632 / Manufacturer Part # 06194

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    The Aqueon Mini Heater is ideal for small aquariums, up to 5 gallons in size. Fully submersible and shatter proof design keeps your fish safe. Thermal safety fuse shuts off the heater when it dries out or in any other event it might overheat. When used on aquariums between 2 and 5 gallons, it keeps the water temperature at the ideal range for tropical fish, 5 to 10 degrees Fahrenheit above ambient air temperature. Never raises the temperature above 80 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Average Rating

    happy placos 2/2/2016

    Reviewer: love fish

    I had my heater for over a month and my babe placos love it !!!!


    Reviewer: shaun

    Stops working after a couple weeks in the middle of winter.

    not working 12/15/2015

    Reviewer: Renee

    i wish this would work properly in my one gallon fish vase. it takes forever to heat up. i regret spending so much money on it.... my poor beta "shark" was dealing with freezing water for so long, i was so happy to finally find a small one. i have it properly plugged in and everything, i can have it in there all night and the next day the water is only like room temp. id expect them to like just a lil warmer ???

    Too hot for 1 1/2 gallons 11/5/2015

    Reviewer: Devin

    I have a 1 1/2 gallon tank and was using a 7.5w heater that wasn't quite getting the temp high enough, so I got this one instead. Within three hours the temp was up over 85 degrees! Luckily I was monitoring it and unplugged it and put my 7.5 w back in. As others are saying, this it too much for smaller tanks!

    NOPE! 10/19/2015

    Reviewer: eh

    Look I got this thing today and it's already been a couple of days and it it not working or heating up my tank.

    bad heater 1/4/2015

    Reviewer: Tiffany

    I got this heater for my sons mini tank. In 36 hrs it heated the tank up to 95.6 degrees. Cooked my sons fish. I do not recommend this heater.

    3 units overheating 12/16/2014

    Reviewer: Gig

    I bought 3 of these heaters, 2 for small 2 gal. freshwater tanks for my kids, and one for a 4 gal. saltwater tank on my desk at work. All 3 units exceeded 82F with the one on the saltwater tank reaching temps of 85F at times. After reading reviews of others seeing similar poor performance, I decided to pull them all and return them rather than chance causing a tank crash. These heaters should be pulled from the market - they'll cause more harm than good.

    Aqueon 10 watt heaters 11/27/2014

    Reviewer: James Harry

    These small mini heaters need to be used with the AZoo mini controller, my choice not manufacturer. Be sured to have tank water movement using power heads or bubbles(air stones). Will cut down on extreme temp fluctuations.

    Bad ! 11/2/2014

    Reviewer: Genesis

    It barely even worked in the beginning in a 2 gallon tank. And it says it heats up to 5 gallons of water ! I checked the temperature after a night of the heater being in and it seems as if it's just not working. Awful product. Reading other reviews it's evident that the heater either gets way too hot or doesn't work at all.

    Worthless 10/7/2014

    Reviewer: Cindy Lou

    Ran too hot in the week that it actually did work. I paid waaay too much at a pet store for this POS and of course couldn't find my receipt. Sounds like "Barney the Betta" was lucky it turned off instead of frying him!!

    Works Good 9/15/2014

    Reviewer: Karen W.

    This heater works well in a 5 gallon aquarium. I wouldn't recommend anything under 2 gallons.

    Works Good 9/15/2014

    Reviewer: Karen W.

    I am revising my last review....I wouldn't recommend this heater for anything under 5 gallons. It may be too hot.

    WARNING: TOO HOT! 4/2/2014

    Reviewer: Bella

    My poor beta also experienced hot temps up to 90 so ended up plugging and unplugging it. Had it only about 2 months and then it completely died. What a crappy product. Don't buy!

    runs to hot 2/13/2014

    Reviewer: stephg

    I have a 2.5g tank and I have to constantly un plug the heater because it runs 90.

    Perfect 12/3/2013

    Reviewer: Chuck

    I had 2 small betta tanks that needed heaters. Ended up purchasing 2 of these guys. No problems at all. Going on 3 months now. Stable 78*.

    running at 82 on a 3 gal 11/17/2013

    Reviewer: MikeB

    Going to look for a new brand tomorrow. My shrimp I intend on buying in a few weeks will probably get steamed eventually. Definitely not below 80 degrees like in the product description.

    Too HOT!!!! 10/12/2013

    Reviewer: Joe

    It does go above 80 degrees. Tried it on my 8g and 2.5g. Thermometer was reading just about 90 degrees.

    I have 2 4/25/2013

    Reviewer: Fishguy2

    I originally bought one for a 3-gallon half moon tank, but when we bought a 5.5 I got another one. The temperature in both aquariums has remained a constant 76 degrees and if I buy another small aquarium I will buy another one.

    not good 11/30/2012

    Reviewer: kelly

    it was working well in the beginning but then the temp kept on dropping

    WILL FRY YOUR FISH 11/4/2012

    Reviewer: PoorBettaCharlie

    I put this in my betta's 2.5 gallon for the winter. OVERNIGHT it cooked it to almost 90 degrees! I immediatly unplugged it and watched my water go back down to 80. Thanks to this terrible product, I now have to search for ich on an already white betta.....what fun. No. It's really awful. Please don't buy this.

    Temp went wack 8/26/2012

    Reviewer: Bettadude

    Well maybe its cuz I was using for a 1 gallon although its rated for up to 5 gallon, but my temperature went to 100 degrees! My fish's gills were moving rapidly and when I saw the temp, my goodness. I'm giving it another try in a bigger tank but if it pulls a another one like this, it'll be in the trash.

    Keep an eye on the temp! 7/13/2012

    Reviewer: Cichlid lover

    I purchased this product for my 5 gallon tank. It says it is not supposed to raise the temp above 80 degrees F. I was adding some more decor to the tank and by luck I did it just in time. The water was extremely warm. Checked the temp and it was almost 90! Had to unplug and cool the water down. No fish died. Won't trust this heater again.


    Reviewer: Anonymous

    I thought it was a perfect choice for a 3 gallon q.t. tank, then it randomly shut off only after a week of use killing a $100 fish. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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