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    Aqueon Siphon Vacuum Extender - 9.5 to 18 in.


    Item # 254218 / Manufacturer Part # 06227

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    The Aqueon Extender Siphon Vacuum simplifies routine aquarium maintenance making water changes and substrate cleaning a breeze. The self-priming, extendable intake tube adjusts from 9.5 inches to 18 inches to suit your cleaning needs. Intake tube starts quickly with using up and down motion, sucking dirt and debris from the substrate and leaving the gravel where it belongs. Includes: 6 ft. flexible hose, self priming intake tube, and hose clip. Ideal for 5 to 15 gallon tanks.
    Dimensions5.5 in x 1.25 in x 18.25 in (intake tube only)
    Instructions: Place empty bucket within reach and at a level below the aquarium. Attach hose clip to bucket with hose end inserted. For best results keep hose end and bucket as low as possible below the aquarium. Completely submerge intake tube in aquarium. Begin to move intake tube rapidly in an up and down motion. Continue this motion 4-6 times until siphon begins. Water will begin to flow into bucket.

    Gravel Cleaning Recommendation: Begin to move the intake tube in an up and down motion, in and out of the gravel. Gravel and debris will be pulled into intake tube. Allow debris to separate from gravel and pull away with water in the hose.

    Average Rating

    Perfect 9/19/2013

    Reviewer: Dennis

    It's exactly like every other gravel vac, but this one is adjustable and has a hose clip. How can you go wrong?

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