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    Aqueon Water Changers


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    Routine aquarium water changes and gravel cleaning just got easier. Aqueon's new kit includes all you need to attach your gravel cleaner and water changer directly to your home faucet. Large, durable hoses can accommodate most homes. A simple flow valve allows you to switch quickly from a gravel vacuum to a water changer, while a special splash control helps reduce dirty water splashing in the sink. No more carrying heavy buckets to and fro, keep it simple with the Aqueon Water Changer!

    May not fit all faucets. Check for compatibility or if Aquarium Water Changer Faucet Adapter is needed.

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    Average Rating


    Reviewer: Ed

    This water changer comes apart on the faucet and sends water flying everywhere. It does not connect to faucet easy and when you turn on the water the hose comes apart. It is a big mess.

    Good design, good price, tubing doesn't work 4/9/2013

    Reviewer: Jeremy

    thick, clear vinyl tubing is normally rated for a mere 50psi, most homes have water pressure from 40-80PSI the tubing used in this is thinner than most, kinks easy, collapses when siphoning, and swells when the water is shut off after filling, just not up to the task. Now the fittings do allow you to change the hose easily, either to thicker walled 1/2" reinforced clear vinyl tubing, or a 5/8" thin walled cheap garden hose with the ends cut off (good thick hoses won't fit). The included fitting only works with sinks and tubs that have female threading, without the adapter it threads right onto a male garden hose fitting, where adapters for sinks to garden hose threads are plentiful, and the better way to go. Outside of the fittings and the hose it works like a charm, hook it up, run the water, match the outflow temp to your tank's with a thermometer, siphon and vaccum, flip the lever on the venturi pump, fill the tank, add conditioner to the tank then turn off the wand valve when full, and open both valves to draw water out of the hose. I can do water changes to both my 55g tanks in about 15 minutes, all without buckets.

    Cheap Hosing 3/26/2013

    Reviewer: Michael

    The hosing/tubing on this unit is very cheap and when you're siphoning water out of the tank the end that connects to the faucet will actually collapse. Because of this when you run water through it the hose will then blow up like a balloon, and eventually burst sending water everywhere, especially when you turn the value off on the tube. To sum it up, cheap hose/tubing and not worth the money.

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