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    Background Mounting & Illumination Gel


    Item # 243686 / Manufacturer Part # SV9733

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    The Sea View gel mounting system for aquarium backgrounds allows you to apply any background flawlessly for breathtaking effects! Sea View forms a seal between the background image and the aquarium eliminating all the refraction of light and distortion that occurs with glass and water. The result is a flawless, seemingly illuminated view of the background from every angle of the aquarium. Easy application, easy removal, and it works on glass or acrylic! The non-toxic formula is safe and unaffected by salt creep.1 oz. size is good for a tank up to 75 gallons. 
    Directions: If the image to be viewed curls away from the tank, tightly re-roll the background the opposite way and tape for 8 hours before applying. Cut background to fit aquarium. Lay image on newspaper face up. Spread SeaView liberally to the entire surface using your hand or paper towel. Place treated side of background against glass and center the image. Push any trapped air bubbles out to the edges using a flat surface, ie plastic card or ruler, wiping away excess solution from edges with a paper towel. If bubbles are hard to remove, apply more solution to that area.

    Average Rating

    Background Mounting & Illumination Gel 12/30/2014

    Reviewer: Jim

    First time using this product. Squirted on to background, used paper towel to spread around, applied to back of tank. East to use, looks great. Have to see how long its lasts.


    Reviewer: Joyce

    I bought this along with a new background and it started peeling a few weeks later.


    Reviewer: Beth

    This product is a waste of money. It looks good for a couple of months then gets air bubbles. After the second time of trying it I neven taped all the edges closed and it still got air bubbles after a few months.

    Wonderful 8/21/2012

    Reviewer: John

    This stuff is amazing! Been using it for years. I've had a corner come up a few times but a quick dab and its right back to how it was.

    waste of $$ 8/5/2012

    Reviewer: my cat just burped

    Works no better than petroleum jelly.

    Seaview background 7/8/2012

    Reviewer: swnana@2gmail.com

    I have used 3 of these backgrounds using the SeaView Gel. Looks beautiful for a few months, but then air begins to invade around the edges and the background gets "bubbles or long icicles of dry areas ! I'm on my 4th background and would appreciate any help I can get to "seal" around the background.

    Sea View 3/10/2012

    Reviewer: Howard & Judy

    I highly suggest this product be used. It is a little messy but it is well worth the effort. The difference between before & after in our tanks was amazing. It seals the background to the glass

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