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    Betta Basics


    Starting at: $2.15

    Betta Basics optimizes the environment in your betta bowl for both fish and plants. This handy solution removes chlorine, chloramine and ammonia while simultaneously buffering the water to a pH of 7.0. Use weekly or with each water change.

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    Reviewer: Nicole

    I got this for my bettas because it was cheap. Never going to buy it again. Would NOT Recommend it to anyone. my bettas hate it. This Product clouds up the water if you add to much, plus I have to change there water more like once a week instead of 3-4 weeks. I have 16 plus bettas and need something that will work for all of them I sticking them to betta complete water condition it last longer and you do not have to much in and its only $1.91 on this site. you can also get bettasafe the only problem is if you have a lot of betta or even one you seem to use more.

    Like 7/31/2013

    Reviewer: Amy

    It works good =-)

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