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    Betta Hammock

    Zoo Med

    Item # 247201 / Manufacturer Part # BL-20

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    Zoo Med's naturalistic leaf hammock lets your betta rest near the top of its bowl - just like in nature! Attaches with a suction cup to your betta's bowl.

    Average Rating

    So far so good! 4/27/2014

    Reviewer: Lisa

    My beta has been using this often since I added it to his tamk a few weeks ago...he is a silly one, he actually likes to drape himself around the suction cup part, more then the leaf!!! Lol

    Beware!!! 4/13/2014

    Reviewer: Kat

    I had one of these for 2 months and the green stuff peeled off the leaf leaving the leaf white. It also had a metal wire in the stem!

    Who Could Know? 3/31/2014

    Reviewer: Dave from AZ

    Who could know that such a simple device could bring so much joy to a sleepy betta? From the first day my bettas have used there betta hammocks to nap and to sleep. This is a simple, but very useful device.

    betta approved 9/27/2013

    Reviewer: Villimay Varga

    i have owned 2 bettas in my life and they bouth loved it cheapest i have found on the internet

    Great new design 5/23/2013

    Reviewer: Brittney

    I got this same product a few years ago when they made them with a metal rod in the middle. This eventually rusted and tainted the water, killing my fish. However I heard they no longer have the metal rods and so I ordered three for my divided betta tanks. They work great even without the metal rod and my bettas (especially the long-finned ones) love to sleep on it!

    Betta Hammock 2/11/2013

    Reviewer: Celticreds5

    If I had not bought the Floating Betta Log at the same time, I think my Betta would ha e taken to this. But he loves his log and doesn't pay any attention to the leaf. I am pretty sure if it were the only choice, he would use it though

    he just loves it!!! <3 11/11/2012

    Reviewer: petlover466

    well my bata just loves his new bed i cant get him off it when i have to do his tank. he is very happy. buy this for your bata if you love him or her.

    Fabulous 8/4/2012

    Reviewer: Nicole

    My betta lounges on this leaf hammock all day. Friends of mine, who are also betta enthusiasts, keep one in every tank and have nothing but positive feedback for this product.

    hi 4/18/2012

    Reviewer: jula

    i have 2 of these hammock and my betta sleps on it cuz i trained him and he loves it. hes name is rudy.

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