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    Bio Foam Grid Assembly for Whisper 30, 40 & 60 Filters


    Item # 206014 / Manufacturer Part # 25994

    Was $4.99
    Now $3.89
    Convert your Whisper Power Filter to a Whisper Triad System and improve the overall health of your aquarium and enhance biological filtration.

    This is the foam and the grid.
    Compatible Models25773, 25774, 25775

    Average Rating

    This Whisper Triad Foam Retro Fit Kit 8/16/2014

    Reviewer: DiscusMan

    This add-on kit work great and will help your Whisper Bio-Bags do double duty, by enhancing and boosting the biological filtration of your aquariums water quality. This works to promote the good nullifying bacteria by doubling it, and it helps to polish the water a second time before it goes back into your tank. With healthy water you get a healthy tank & healthy fish, which means less time to worring about a sick tank = Priceless I Say...

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