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    Blackwater Extract - 8.45 oz.


    Item # 205888 / Manufacturer Part # 16270

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    Blackwater extract spawning aid creates natural tropical water conditions. Induces spawning for soft water fish. Contains essential trace elements, vitamins and valuable extract of peat, tropical root, bark and wood. It creates an environment similar to parts of the Amazon River to induce spawning and increase hatch size. Promotes color and activity and helps fish fight against disease. When added to the aquarium, a light yellow color will appear. Add with every water change. Aids live plants, retard algae growth, ideal conditioner for all soft water fish including discus and angelfish. Treats 100 gallons of water.
    Package Size8.45 oz.
    Treats up to250 gal.
    Directions: Add 2 teaspoons (10 ml) of Blackwater Extract for every 10 gallons of water. Replenish monthly or with every water change. In areas of very hard water, double amount.
    Vit B2, B6, B12, nicotinic amide, panthenol, biotin and peat extract.

    Average Rating

    Blackwater Extract 3/17/2014

    Reviewer: Derek Mitchell

    I moved from Florida to Oklahoma and I have A 150 gallon tank. I have always used this item. The price is great. Just wished it came in a bit bigger bottle cause of the amount you use. I will continue to purchase blackwater extract from you.....

    Great for the price 6/27/2013

    Reviewer: Jessica

    It's pretty good for the price. Expect when you get to over 50 gallons. You have to use a lot of this stuff to get to the desired concentration. Wish it came a bit more concentrated out of the bottle. But great for smaller tanks.