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    Bubble Magus BMT11 Dosing Pump

    Bubble Magus

    Item # 259154 / Manufacturer Part # BM-T11

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    The Bubble Magus Dosing Pump allows you to automate the delivery of reef essential supplements such as calcium, magnesium, buffers and other trace elements safely and in proper amounts and intervals.The pump provides three titration channels and can be easily extended to seven channels and programmed with up to 24 settings each day. A built-in memory holds your specifications. Pump features high-quality rubber hose with an average service life of up to 10,000 hours, nearly silent 5 high-torque motor pump,and PC pump control panel with fully waterproof design, touch-type LCD backlit display control panel. Comes standard with a 360-degree rotating switching power converter and a dedicated infusion tube.

    Average Rating

    Great Product 10/22/2014

    Reviewer: Ryan

    Ive had this product for over a year now and I must say you almost forget its there, not saying thats a good thing due to ensuring you have chemicals running through it. But very easy to program, and pump does not capitate. Def recommend this product for all skill levels.

    A Must Have 5/7/2013

    Reviewer: Anthony

    GREAT!!!! Easy to program, dose amounts are dead on.

    Makes the Difference 1/7/2013

    Reviewer: Precious_Roy

    A doser can really make the difference in your reef tank. Gone are the days of having to manually dose your tank. Your corals use calcium carbonate all day... why not just give it too them all day long instead of one concentrated dose once a day? Consistency is important in reefs, and this little doser has allowed me to be much more consistent for less head aches/ money than a calcium reactor. Sure, the instructions stink cause they're written by someone in China, but if you have any common sense you can get throught it. Highly recommend it.

    On point! 9/27/2012

    Reviewer: Don

    I have nothing but good things to say about this dosing pump. If you are running a heavy SPS system, this is a must for you.

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