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    Bubble Wall Airstone - 28 in.

    Penn Plax

    Item # 212686 / Manufacturer Part # BW-28

    Was $7.99
    Now $7.99
    A wall of bubbles is a spectacular effect in any aquarium. The Bubble Wall creates a dramatic mist of fine bubbles. It evenly distributes bubbles through a super-porous, non-clogging wand. Additional Bubble Walls can be joined with the enclosed connector, and can be cut with a razor blade to divide or shorten.
    The Bubble Wall Air Stone fits standard 3/16 in. Airline Tubing.

    For more information on aquarium aeration, please see our article on Air Pumps.

    Length28 in.

    Average Rating

    Bad one 5/8/2015

    Reviewer: Alex

    Air comes from the end of tubes ONLY, not in the middle. This is low quality product.

    Mega bubbles and a show 11/13/2013

    Reviewer: LACarter

    I have tried the air stones, but like these better. the stones become clogged faster. I have a peacock eel that swims into the bubbles and rides the current to the top. He loves it!

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