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    Can O Crickets - 1.2 oz.

    Zoo Med

    Item # 204467 / Manufacturer Part # ZM-41

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    Can O' Crickets are retorted (cooked in the can) crickets. This unique cooking process locks in the flavor and freshness. The exoskeleton is softened for easier digestibility. You will be amazed how readily your animals will take to this food.
    1 inch

    Check out Canned Insects and other Invertebrates - An Important New Food for Pet Reptiles and Amphibians written by former Bronx Zoo Herpetologist Frank Indiviglio at That Reptile Blog.
    Feeding Instructions: For lizards, snakes, and amphibians: spoon out the appropriate amount for the size animal you are feeding. Do not use for hatchling lizards or small (2 in. and under) amphibians. For water turtles: Feed as much as they can consume in 5 minutes. Net out and discard any uneaten food.
    Farm raised Crickets (Gryllus Linnaeus). Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein, min, 20.0% Crude Fat, min, 5.0% Crude Fiber, max, 1.0% Crude Ash, max, 3.0% Moisture content, max, 75.0%

    Average Rating

    Can O Crickets 8/9/2013

    Reviewer: Jodi Olesen

    Amazing product. All exotics I have LOVE these!

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