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    Canister Aquarium Filter Basics

    Canister Aquarium Filter Basics
  • Quiet Operation
  • Easily Concealed
  • Multiple Media Options
  • Canister filters are capable of providing complete aquarium fitration needs, or can be used for a specialized purpose.  Canister filters are very efficient, and most designs offer quiet operation. 

    Canister Aquarium Filters are the workhorses of aquarium filters; they have the ability to perform many functions, and are available with many different features. Designs range from models that provide simple mechanical filtration, to models that have multiple media compartments, U.V. sterilizers and even computer control. Canister filters can be used alone as a complete biological, mechanical and chemical filtration system, or you can be used in addition to other filtration for a specialized purpose. Models are available for aquariums up to 400 gallons, and can be used on both freshwater and marine aquariums.

    Canister Filters are designed to sit next to, or inside of your aquarium stand or cabinet, and are easily concealed. The body, or canister, of the filter is typically attached to the aquarium through flexible tubing which runs behind the aquarium into the tank. This design allows for the aquarium to be placed closer to the wall, and has a very low profile design that does not draw attention. Most models include shut off valves and/or quick disconnect features, which allow users to remove the canister from service, and easily take the filter to a sink for cleaning and maintenance. Canister filters feature internal motors that run very quietly, most are practically silent when operating properly. Replacement motor parts and valves are available for most models, allowing for many years of service with routine maintenance.

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