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    Carefresh Basic Bedding - 30 L


    Item # 248863 / Manufacturer Part # 501538

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    Keep your home smelling cleaner! Carefresh Basic provides better absorption and odor control compared to traditional wood shaving bedding. Traditional bedding may also irritate your small pet's sensitive skin with pine or cedar oils. Made of select soft woods and reclaimed virgin cellulose, Carefresh Basic is less likely to irritate your pet's skin.
    Great for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, reptiles, rats, mice, gerbils, ferrets, chinchilla, birds.
    Place 1-3 inches in the bottom of the cage. Check daily for fecal matter and wet spots. Change weekly or more often as needed.

    For birds: Place a layer of CareFRESH on the bottom of the next box, cage or brooder adequate for the size and type of bird. Change bedding as needed.
    For Reptiles: Line the aquarium or habitat with enough bedding to provide adequate footing. Note: Feed constrictors outside the cage to prevent accidental ingestion of bedding. Not suitable for grazers such as tortoises.

    Flush bedding once scoop at a time, or compost or discard in trash.
    Cellulose fiber, natural soft whitewood shavings.

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