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    Cichlid Grow - 14.5 oz.

    Tropical Science

    Item # 211575 / Manufacturer Part # CG-400

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    Want to get the very best out of your cichlids? Cichlid Grow is super concentrated for super effectiveness. It is the formula for total health of all African cichlids. Contains trace elements found in Lakes Malawi and Tanganyika. Promotes vibrant colors for an outstanding appearance, supplemented with potassium and magnesium for rapid growth and increased resistance to disease.
    Package Size14.5 oz.
    Directions For Use: Always shake container before use. Add 1 tablespoon (5 mil) per 20 gallons of water for initial seeding. Then add 1 teaspoon per 20 gallons of water only when performing partial water changes.
    Formulated with lake salts rich in magnesium and potassium in addition to essential trace elements.

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