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    Coconut Husk Brick - Premium Reptile Bedding


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    Coconut Husk reptile and amphibian bedding is ideal for maintaining a tropical habitat's proper humidity, as it absorbs moisture with little decay. Frogs, toads and chameleons will appreciate the benefits of this all-natural substrate. Naturally expandable nature makes it a safe and soft landing platform for jumping species, as well as an ideal nesting substrate for egg laying or burrowing.

    Click here for a guide on choosing the correct bedding for your herp directly from R-Zilla
    Directions: To expand, place Coconut Husk Brick into a clean container. Add 1 gallon fresh water and allow bedding to expand for 10 mins. Mix material by hand and spread bedding over desired area of terrarium. A depth of 1-2 inches is recommended. Remove animal waste and soiled bedding daily. Replace bedding as needed. The litter should be completely changed once a month.
    100% coconut fiber. 

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