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    Coralife Salt Mix - 150 gal. Bucket


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    Coralife Scientific Grade Marine Salt replicates seawater chemistry, delivering every major, minor, and trace elements required for the success of your reef or fish-only aquarium. The Micro-Process provides the proper pH and optimal levels of calcium and magnesium. It is fast dissolving and phosphate and nitrate free.

    Not sure which salt to buy for your aquarium? Check out our aquarium salt guide to quickly compare.
    Package Size43.5 lb.
    Makes150 gal.
    1. Mix 1/2 cup of salt mix with 1 gallon of dechlorinated or purified water.
    2. Mix thoroughly and aerate mixture to attain proper gas equilibrium.
    3. Measure sailinity/specific gravity using a hydrometer.
    4. Adjust salinity/specific gravity to desired level. A specific gravity of 1.021-1.023 is recommended for fish only saltwater aquariums, 1.024-1.026 for reef aquariums.
    Dissolving 1/2 cup of Coralife salt mix in 1 gallon of purified water at 78 deg. F will yield a solution with the following properties:

    Specific gravity, 1.021-1.023
    pH, 8.2-8.3
    Calcium, 390-410 ppm
    Magnesium, 1110-1250 ppm

    Average Rating

    Coralife salt 11/13/2013

    Reviewer: Jennifer

    Excellent salt mix maintains levels, mixes quickly, my fish love it!!!

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