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    Cricket Water Pillows - 6 pk


    Item # 235295 / Manufacturer Part # 11733

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    Give your feeder crickets the water they need without the risk of drowning. These handy pillows hold water for days, providing steady moisture long after a towel or sponge would dry out. Just place them into your pet's enclosure or cricket pen to keep your crickets alive longer. Simply re-hydrate to reuse.
    Simple to use--soak in water and then place in terrarium or cricket/insect cage. Water Pillow can be rehydrated and reused.

    Average Rating

    Cricket saver 1/4/2014

    Reviewer: Baby beardie

    Crickets love it. Very cheap and reuse able!!!

    my bugs like them 4/30/2013

    Reviewer: the goat

    good easy reuseable cheap saves lives