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    Daily Double II Automatic Fish Feeder

    Penn Plax

    Item # 212737 / Manufacturer Part # DDAF2

    Was $19.99
    Now $19.99
    A safe, accurate and easy way to feed your fish when you are not able to feed them regularly. The large capacity drum is capable of holding up to 4 weeks of flake food. It's easy clamp on mechanism makes it possible to attach to the rim of your aquarium or to let it freestand on your hood or glass canopy.
    Length3.5 in.
    Width3.5 in.
    Height4 in.

    Average Rating

    Doesn't work 2/17/2015

    Reviewer: Lori

    Total junk. I bought 2 of these and neither turn. They don't even deserve the half star I have torate them at.

    Junk 11/12/2014

    Reviewer: PhysicsDude

    If you're going to trust your fish to any auto fish feeder, don't trust it to this one. Its almost impossible to tell if this thing even works or if the battery is dead, and it feeds at very inconsistent time intervals. Get a programmable feeder with an LCD screen. They're only a few dollars more than this thing and are 10X better and more reliable.

    FISH FEEDER 10/12/2013

    Reviewer: Tero

    $15?? This contraption does not feed twice daily because it does not turn an entire revolution. I am glad I tested it before I went on vacation.


    Reviewer: Harry Vederci

    It is so poorly made, the cheapness of construction is easily evident. It's supposed to feed twice daily but upon testing, it rotated 1/2 turn is 24 hours. Two rotations would feed twice daily. I will try to return this for something better.

    fish feeder 2/3/2013

    Reviewer: wille

    is awsome and holds about 3 weeks of betta blood worms works for me :)

    FISH FEEDER 10/7/2012

    Reviewer: DON WHITE

    I would not be without this. I am quite busy and I want to keep the fishys happy