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    Dog Dental Care

    Dog Dental Care
    • Introduction
    • Check Them Out
    • Professional Cleaning
    • Getting Used To Brushing
    • Dental Toys
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    Surprisingly, this is the most over-looked area in pet health care! Would you ever dream of skipping your dental appointment? Probably not- teeth and gum problems can really hurt and interfere with important things, like eating and drinking! Think about your pet's dental health, too!

    Check Them Out

    Does your dog have some serious breath issues? Chances are if his breath stinks, so does his dental care! Try to carefully examine your dog's teeth- they should be relatively white and the gums should be pink and tight against the teeth. If you notice anything else- discolored teeth, bleeding, puffy gums, or any other strange things, it would be a good idea to have your vet check them. If you can't even examine your dog's teeth without causing pain or discomfort, it is even more important to have your vet check things out!

    Professional Cleaning

    If things are already pretty far-gone in the dental health realm, you may need to take your dog to the vet for a thorough and professional teeth cleaning. You will notice the improvements immediately- better breath, and a happier dog! Then you can start to take care of things before they get out of hand again.

    Getting Used To Brushing

    Ideally, start brushing your puppy's teeth. That way when your dog is an adult, he will accept a regular tooth brushing as a normal part of his grooming.
    If your dog is already an adult and hasn't really had the tooth-brushing experience, you'll have to start slow. Wrap your finger in some gauze and get your dog used to having his mouth held open while you gently rub his teeth with the gauze. The next step is trying this with a toothbrush and water. Then you add toothpaste- special dog toothpaste that is usually flavored with chicken or other yummy dog-friendly tastes. Brush your dog's teeth weekly at the very least.

    Dental Toys

    In between brushings, you can offer your dog a suitable dental toy! Cotton rope toys help to brush teeth and even provide some flossing action! Chew bones with ridges and special ingredients also help to remove plaque and tartar build-up, while freshening breath! You will find an array of dental toys for your dog here at That Pet Place. Find one your dog enjoys and let the dental care begin!