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    Dual CO2 Regulator & Needle Valve with Solenoid For Paintball Tanks


    Item # 239900 / Manufacturer Part # 10181

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    Dual gauge pressure indicators and an affordable price make this dual CO2 controller for Paintball tanks the ideal choice for your planted aquarium. Industrial grade precision needle valves allow for extreme precision. Includes a built-in 110V Solenoid. Can be used with the ViaAqua Calcium reactor or with any planted aquarium.

    Average Rating

    Dual CO2 Reg & Needle Valve for Paintball Tanks 12/3/2014

    Reviewer: Ed Fowler

    After a slow start where my CO2 supplier said it would not fit a Paintball tank, I ordered and bought from Amazon the tank the tech at "That Fish Place" and he was wrong! It did fit, worked and I have been able to slow it down to 3 bubbles per second or less. The Solenoid is connected to a regular times we used for Xmas lights. Be sure and put a One-Way valve in the line so that the water in your bubble counter will not back flow when it's off. I'm very happy not to have to mix stuff to make CO2. Buy It and not the lesser one as you only need CO2 when the lights are on! Get a long term tester for inside the fish tank so you don't put too much CO2 in the water!

    Works great 6/9/2014

    Reviewer: Phil

    It's simple to setup and doesn't leak. Can't ask for any more.

    Works like a champ! 5/11/2014

    Reviewer: Aaron

    Very reliable. No problems at all. Good product.

    great 3/28/2013

    Reviewer: Jason

    Works excellent!!!

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