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    Dual Daylight Square Pin Power Compact Lamp - 65W - 6700K/10000K - 21 in.


    Item # 204849 / Manufacturer Part # 02034

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    Give your tank beautiful, ultra crisp white light with SunPaq replacement lamps. Three times the output and double the life of other lamps, SunPaq delivers fantastic lighting to increase bioluminescence, activate photosynthesis, or simply recreate the warm tropical sun of the photic zone. SunPaq lamps are the new standard in quality aquarium lighting. SmartPaq lamps are side-by-side combination blue actinic and daylight all in one lamp.

    Confused about Compact Fluorescent Pin Arrangements? Check out this blog entry for some help: Compact Fluorescent Pin Arrangements.
    Length21.25 in.
    Max Wattage65
    Diameter1.75 in.
    Kelvin Rating6700K, 10,000K
    Base TypeJapanese Square Pin
    Warranty90 days

    Average Rating

    Good Bulbs 5/7/2014

    Reviewer: Travis

    I've been using these bulbs and/or bulbs just like these on my planted aquariums for the past ten years or so. I've found about 2 watts per gallon worth of light with these bulbs in conjunction with reflectors is plenty to grow nearly any kind of aquarium plant. They also last a long time. I have only replace my bulbs about every year and a half, and the plants have always seemed healthy.