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    Ecotech Marine Coral Glue - 2.64 oz.

    EcoTech Marine

    Item # 256401 / Manufacturer Part # CG75

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    Your search for the perfect coral glue has ended. Ecotech Marine Coral Glue is powerful, consistent and reliable. This gel glue sets in 10 seconds and cures in 5 minutes, so you can glue your corals upside down and even under water! Its triple distilled for purity and pH neutral. The non-clogging pin cap will ensure that it is useable throughout its long 2 year shelf life.

    Please note, this glue is so powerful that it will bond to skin and eyes within seconds. Because of this, you should keep it away from children and always wear eye protection. Store in a cool, dry place below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and refrigerate for long term preservation.

    Use in accordance with its MSDS sheet, found at ecotechmarine.com

    Check out marine biologist Cory Shank's review of Ecotech Marine Coral Glue

    Step 1: Ensure in-tank flow is off
    Step 2: Apply glue to coral or rock above or under water
    Step 3: Hold item in desired location until stable
    Step 4: Allow glue to set and cure before turning flow back on
    Ethyl Cyanoacrylate ester, 90-95%
    HYDROQUINONE, 0.1-1%

    Average Rating

    Reef Keeper 8/6/2013

    Reviewer: Jack

    I bought this product to find out if it holds in ten seconds. Its just like any other coral glue, it does not. Just apply a lot of it and let it sit in a current free area for a few hours.

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