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    EcoTech Radion XR30W Gen 3 LED Lights

    EcoTech Marine

    Starting at: $99.00

    The 3rd Generation update to the Radion XR30w and XR30w Pro light fixtures incorporate advances in LED technology along with a sleek and easy to use design. Outer design changes includes recessed buttons to make programming more simple and reduces RF interference from other devices.

    Advances in the efficiency of new Cree and OSRAM LED technology allows for the addition of 6 more LEDs with minimal increases in power consumption. The XR30w now includes 38 LEDs (up from 32) with the addition of indigo/UV lights, which increases output and covers a wider range of the photosynthetic light spectrum.

    All LEDs are on independently controllable channels. With this vast array of LEDs, you can choose countless color combinations and intensities. The output is optimized for PAR and PUR, with a wide 30 inch by 30 inch PAR distribution. TIR lenses ensure wide light spread and minimal color banding ensure deep, even lighting.

    Take charge of lighting combinations, multi-light wireless functionality, real time clock, multiple light period programming, and much more all from your computer via USB connection with the EcoSmart Configuration Utility available from EcoTech.  When coupled with the Ecotech Marine ReefLink Wifi controller, the lights can be controlled completely through any computer with internet access, or compatible smart phone.  Touch buttons allow you to cycle through color temperatures or increase and decrease the intensity of the lights. You can easily export and import saved modes and settings.

    The Radion interfaces with Ecotech Vortech Pumps and an EcoSmart Driver through a wireless connection. For larger aquariums, multiple Ecotech Radion Lights may be used with multi-light wireless functionality to program one unit to control other Radions. Easily mount the Radion lighting system with EcoTech's Radion Hanging Kit (sold separately).

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