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    Eheim 2075 Pro 3 Canister Filter - Up to 160 gal.


    Item # 245234 / Manufacturer Part # 2075370

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    The Eheim 2075 Professional 3 canister filter, is the ultimate choice for large aquariums.  The 2075 combines proven Eheim quality and performance, with enhanced design, for ease of use, and energy efficiency.  

    Rated for aquariums up to 160 gallons, and a maximum flow rate of 330 gph, the Eheim 2075 provides premium performance, while only consuming 16 watts of energy.  

    Prefilter system reduces major cleanings and improves filtration. 4 easy-access filter baskets allow for complete media versatility. Handy push-button prime immediately starts operation. All plumbing tubing and pipes, as well as Eheim filter pads and media are included, for complete operation.

    High performance ceramics in pump mechanism, ensure quiet operation, and long lasting performance.  Security hose locks on shut off valve tubing conectors helps prevent leaks, and makes maintenace easy and trouble free.

    Recommended filter set up:

    Eheim 2075 exploded view

    For complete product information, download the instruction manual (21.6MB).

    Average Rating

    Easy, quiet, German made quality 1/13/2014

    Reviewer: Seth

    My G160 has been up and running for about a month. It was easy to put together, fired right up, and is whisper quiet. It cam complete with all required filter media and easy to follow instructions. My favorite part is it is actually made in Germany, not overpriced Chinese junk. Previous reviewers complained of leaks over time, mine has not been running long enough to affirm or refute this. The fittings are however plastic with rubber o-rings which are likely to require periodic maintenance.

    in agreement, leaks will ruin your floors 11/29/2013

    Reviewer: Thomas Eng, Bronx N.Y.

    Thought the pro 3 filters were reliable. Seems most owners are experiencing sudden leaks. My parquet floors were warp because my eheims leaked. Didn't bother to even claim the warantees. Who keeps internet sales receipts. Just take the heads apart and put a layer of silicon sealant onto the auto start seal. Seems to be holding up. I guess beware of the faults and avoid these filters. Eheim's reputation can no be longer be dependent upon. I bought four 2075 filters and have to eat them. I will no longer buy any new Eheim products unless they've been on the market and tested.

    Leaks after 2 years - Cus Support ignore emails. Possibly fraudulent company. 2/26/2013

    Reviewer: Eheim Fraud

    I bought the Pro 3 2075 brand new in Sept 2012 that came with a 3 year warranty. The filter leaked after 2 years destroying my $350 wooden stand. Water leaked out near the power cord. After searching the net I found out that this was a common issue among Pro 3 filters made before Aug 2010. There have also been countless reports of Eheim's Customer Support department ignoring customer emails when contacted for warranty claims. I emailed them and immediately the next day I received a reply asking for the Serial number, the shipping address and the retail store from which I bought the filter. I replied with the information and that was the last I heard from them. I have sent them 4 more emails since then and they completely ignored them. I have been another victim of their scam. Apparently Eheim is engaging in fraudulent acitivities, marketing their filters as "Premium" products that come with a 3 year warranty. However, they will try their best NOT to honor the warranty. Maybe I need to call them everyday and write nasty letters to get them to acknowledge my issue. I know some of their victims have received a replacement head unit this way after sending threatening emails and making repeated phone calls. However, it shouldn't have to be this difficult. I have another Pro 2 filter that also leaked after 6 years of operation. From what I have heard, the company was bought and the quality of customer service has become horrible since then. It is now reaching the point of fraud. I will never buy another Eheim product again. Beware!!!

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