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    Eheim 2217 Classic Canister Filter - Up to 159 gal.


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    Eheim's Classic style canister filters provide top of the line quality in filtration. The simple, yet highly effective Classic design provides three stages of filtration -- mechanical, chemical & biological -- to keep your water clean, clear and healthy for your beloved aquarium inhabitants! The compact design includes a large volume canister with a super quiet pump and all of the accessories you need to run your filtration, right out of the box!

    Three Stage Filtration

    Mechanical: The 2217 comes with a full set of mechanical filter pads to remove uneaten food and waste. Fine and coarse pads help remove small and large particles before then can break down into toxic ammonia and nitrite.

    Chemical: Carbon filter pads help remove debris while absorbing dissolved impurities, odors and discoloration.

    Biological: Eheim's dynamic Substrat Pro and Ehfi Mech biological filter medias provide expansive surface area for the growth of natural bacteria that helps break down waste and eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite.

    Simple Maintenance

    Classic filters feature complete inlet and outlet tubing with quick-disconnect double-isolating valves, allowing you to quickly shut off water flow within the filter and tubing. Simply close each double valve and remove your filter for cleaning while the inlet and outlet tubes remain in place. 

    The Eheim 2217 Classic Canister Filter is rated for aquariums up to 159 gallons and has a maximum flow rate of 264 gph. Measures 8 in. x 8 in. x 16 in.

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    Eheim's Recommended Filter Setup:

    Eheim 2217 exploded view
    Includes MediaIncludes Ehfisubstrate, Ehfimech, one each carbon, fine and coarse filter pads.
    Flow Rate264 gph
    Power Cord Length6 ft.
    Warranty2 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty
    UL ListedYes
    Max Tank Size159 gal.
    Length8 in.
    Width8 in.
    Height16 in.

    Average Rating

    Great Filter - Easy to clean! 8/24/2015

    Reviewer: Robert

    Recently purchased this filter for a 100 gallon freshwater aquarium with fish and plants (to replace an unsatisfactory competitors' model). Though I've only had the filter for a little over two months, the water is crystal clear and sparkling. When I performed the first filter cleaning, I couldn't believe how much waste and dirt it had collected in such a short amount of time. Like other reviews have said, the directions leave a lot to be desired and are, pretty much, worthless... I just looked at the pictures on the box and figured it out. The Eheim 2217 Classic Canister Filter is very sturdily built, easy to use and clean (I love the easy disconnect feature), and it's completely quiet! I almost gave it a 4 star rating, because of the lousy instruction sheet, but the product itself deserves the highest marks.

    great filter 10/5/2014

    Reviewer: Kevin

    these are the best I have a 2217 that has been running for 20 years and the only thing replaced was the canister o ring. they stay quiet unlike some of their competitors

    20 years 1/13/2014

    Reviewer: jeff

    had a 2215. finally got weak after 20 yrs. upgraded to a 2217. great flow, clear water. Nothing ever broke on the old one, that's why i stuck with Eheim

    Great Filter, Horrible Instructions 5/1/2013

    Reviewer: Vito J. LaBella

    The other reviewers have covered it all. Nice big filter, very quiet and I hope reliable. The company should be able to have simplified instructions in English included with the package.

    great filter 2/27/2013

    Reviewer: shawn

    i enjoy this filter alot,, best part is u can hardly hear it, i have it on my 55 gallon turtle tank, , easy to clean, only problem, the instructions are useless!!!!, go on youtube for better help with the assembly

    Great Canister 11/27/2012

    Reviewer: Stew

    I have had this canister for 4-5 years now. Have never had any problems at all with it. I don`t bother with the Eheim filter pads, I just buy the generic pads material and cut them myself.

    company difficult to deal with 7/28/2012

    Reviewer: Flipper

    iIhave a broken part, can not find it on line and the Eheim co. will not help, they said go on line. I do not like the green hoses. I have an 80 gal. tank with 2 filters(Easy 80) more than enough filtration , yet I still have white particles floating all around. never had this problem with previous filter. Not enough water movement , causing particles to float on top, looks like pond scum. Had to buy a wave maker. Will most likely buy brand I had before. I will say it is quiet.Because i can"t figure out why I have these white particles floating around ,I do clean the filters far more often than recommended.

    Great for several jobs. 7/15/2012

    Reviewer: Rich

    I've used these on 70 gallon tanks with great results. Both tanks were saltwater (fish only). I loaded them about 75% with Eheim's Ehfimech and ehiem cloth strips that I don't see anymore, but the fine filter pad seems to do the same job. Near the top, I would load about 3 bags of chemi pure and an Eheim mesh at the top. EVery 3 or 4 months, I'd disconnect, dump the water out of the filter, fill it with tank water that I was taking from the tank during a water change and dump it out again - a few times. Then I'd leave it empty of water, reassemble, reinstall, get the suction to fill the canister and turn it on. It handled the 70 gallon tanks very well and I also used them on larger tanks as a secondary filter. They never ran weak or had issues beyond occasionally needing a new O ring at the top of the can (every few years). One thing to be aware of with canisters is long power outages because when it sits dormant for a number of hours, anaerobic bacteria begins to build up and that is bad news if it goes back into the tank, so it is always good (if you're using chemi pure) to have extra bags in the house. The reason is that if the power is out for long hours, it would be best to disconnect it and rinse it out before you turn it back on, so you may want to change the chemi pure while you have it opened. A 1 hour power outage is not an issue. Overall, I'm a big fan of this filter. Although it's rated at 159 gallons, I like to use equipment rated for a bigger job than I'll use it for becauseit is better to have it extra strong than just good enough or less than the job calls for. The water change and fliter clean out takes about a half hour combined and I i'd do water changes alone each month. For 3 to 4 months, I never had to touch the filter.

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