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    Eheim Classic Plus Canister Filters


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    The Ehiem Classic Series Canister Filters offer time tested performance, design and reliability. Eheim Classic Plus Canister Filters Provide ideal biological and mechanical filtration, and have the flexibility to be used in many configurations, for many purposes. These complete canister filter packages come with a variety of filter media and accessories to ensure proper operation and efficiency. Three sizes ensure you'll find the perfect Classic Series canister filter to fit your aquarium's filtration requirements, models available for aquariums up to 160 gallons.

    Average Rating

    Awesome 9/13/2014

    Reviewer: fishie21

    I have had fish for many years. I have had experience with only one canister filter brand, Rena Filstar and own the original XP3 and their "redesigned" XP. I have issues all the time with air getting in, and then horrible impeller grinding and having to release the air by opening the canisters to force water in, then making a mess all over the floor or inside my tank's stand cabinet. I was so tired of this so I decided to give Eheim a try, and read up on the different models and loved the design on the classic line. So I got the second to the biggest they offer-2217 and have had it set up for a month and week now. Instructions are really worthless, Youtube is the best place to find out how to install and clean the filter, though I haven't cleaned it yet. It even shows you a way to help with priming for the first time, it took me 5 minutes to get it started once I got it fully set up, so priming is not impossible. Such a smart design; water goes in from the bottom, actually GOES through all of the media, and then exits the top! I don't understand how the water filters through other filters when both the intake and output on on the top of a filter? I don't believe water pressure can ensure that the water flows through all of the media in the individual compartments either. Another good thing about the classic series-no compartments to block flow! I also like the fact that it isn't so pressurized to "force" the water through the compartment and then shoot the water in your tank at high speeds blasting plants, fish and sand in the process. The output of this filter is a nice gentle stream of water, nothing to disturb plants or move my sand around, or agitate the water...I use the power-head for that and can control the flow to where and when I want. I want the filter to FILTER water, not race it through as fast a possible and then shoot it out. I love the Eheim, in just a month it has done wonders for my water, my corys are breeding (and I have had them for over 7 years and they never bred before!) my water quality is crystal clear too and my fish and plants are all benefiting from the Eheim 2217. I also love the fact that it has the "quick release" valves so that you don't have to dissasemble the whole setup upon cleaning or re-prime the system at every cleaning. My Filstar filters have a "quick release" too but I have to fight to pull it out and then to put it back in, if it isn't sitting just so on top of the filter it won't unlock or lock back in place. I have a feeling that this is where I have a lot of air getting into the canister. The best thing is how much you will save on filter media. Eheim comes with all of the media you need, and you can really have the media indefinitely if you rinse it and take care of it well (rinse in tank water). All I would replace would possibly the finishing floss pad (white one) but I would probably get a year out of it at least. I may add a bag of Seachem Purigen to it in the future when I remove my Filstar filters, or use some Seachem Renew as a chemical filtration. Right now my chemical filtration is in my Filstar XP3. I love the Eheim so much that I am going to get another 2217 in a month or so. I want to give enough time for a good bacterial population to grow in my current Eheim before I get rid of the 2 Filstar filters I have. Or I may not wait and just transfer the bacterial media to the new Eheim...goodbye XP3 & XP!

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