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    Eshopps R-200 Refugium


    Item # 237637 / Manufacturer Part # 15005

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    The Eshopps R-200 Refugium is a high quality sump style refugium. The R-200 features a built in micron filter bag for mechanical filtration, a compartment for a protein skimmer or media reactor, a large center refugium for housing macroalgae, livesand, liverock, coral frags or other animals.  Each unit includes 1" bulkheads and 3 ft. of 1" flex hose for attachment.  Unit has an volume of 30 gallons, and is rated for aquariums up to 225 gallons.

    Dimensions:  30 in. x 14 in. x 16 in.

    Average Rating

    Great 7/19/2012

    Reviewer: JustSumGuy

    I recently bought this setup to upgrade from a homemade 20long which had a pump failure and can only say good things about it so far. I bought this to fit under my 75g stand. It fits good with plenty of room to the sides of it.The fuge area is big enough to sustain everything. I get zero micro bubbles coming to the pump(mag 9.5) or getting in the tank. Only thing I could have asked for was it to be longer just to add that extra water volume. You can't do huge water changes without turning the pump off unless you keep the water level much higher then needed. I have noticed with the bigger footprint and flow that water is evaporating faster. I would recommend this setup to anyone with a similar sized tank.

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